About Us

Charisma: /ke’risma/


noun: Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others


Curious about Charisma? and what about the flowers?

Flowers have long had powerful associations with health, connection and happiness.

Coming from a family that has successfully farmed for many generations, Sant and Gurbachan Gill are two brothers that strongly identify with flowers as a symbol of farming and their identity which is strongly tied to the land.

Sant and Gurbachan, moved to the Okanagan in 1984 to start a new life in a seemingly obscure place, especially considering how small the population was at the time.

Sant and Gurbachan immediately loved the heat of the summers, the farming potential and the friendliness of the community in the Okanagan. They worked hard and the brothers finally had made enough money, they bought a quaint 10 acre farm together.

As descendents of farmers, they believe that protecting the soil and farming to grow food and feed everyone is their purpose for life. Their identity is with the land and with farming. Their work ethis was unparalleled and even now the two brothers continue to work in the field everyday, doing what they love and sharing that love with their family. The brothers are incredibly social and are always wanting to feed people with the food they grow. The two brothers love hosting and inviting people into their home, and their generosity is unparalleled. Take a walk in their vineyard and you will walk away with 5 lbs of grapes, come to their home and you’ll leave with a full stomach and lunch for tomorrow.

Now, the children of Sant and Gurbachan have taken a leadership role in the winery and are adding their own flare. The Charisma label embodies this inviting, unpretentious and thoroughly charming energy that the brothers bring to the winery, while also adding connection and happiness. The name Charisma was chosen because the family want customers to feel in the company of a confident, fun and charming friend who is inclusive and draws people in.

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